2014 NYLT (Nagatamen and True North)

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Boy Scouting, Scout Training, Venturing

NYLT is a 6-day experience based on the activities of a typical unit during a month of program. The course is a combination of classroom and practical exercises, all taught by a youth-led staff, modeling the best in leadership skills, using the teaching E.D.G.E. The course is about vision based team building with a wide variety of fun and challenging activities.

To qualify for this exciting training, a Scout must be First Class, 13 years of age, and recommended by his Scoutmaster. A Venturer must have equivalent outdoor skills and be approved by their unit leader. All participants should have had at least one long term camping experience and be comfortable living in the outdoors at a camp setting. We expect participants to abide by the Scout Oath and Law, governing all behavior and to make decisions based on the principals of the Boy Scout programs, as well as those skills they will be taught as part of the NYLT PROGRAM.

Link to event flyer: http://www.skcscouts.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/2014-NYLT-Flyer.pdf


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