WEBELOS Naturalist & Forester Opportunities

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Scout Training, WEBELOS, WEBELOS Transition to Boy Scouts

The Metro Park System will be offering daytime opportunites for WEB I and WEB II Scouts to earn their Naturalist and Forester pins during the months of April and May. Naturalist will be offered at the Slate Run Metro Park (http://www.metroparks.net/ParksSlateRun.aspx) on April 27th. The Forester will be offered at Blendon Woods Metro Park (http://www.metroparks.net/ParksBlendonWoods.aspx) on May 10th. Both events are free but have limited space, requiring advance registration.

Link to the April 27th Naturalist Pin info: http://reservations.metroparks.net/programs/28454/860428.65340/

Link to the May 10th Forester Pin info: http://reservations.metroparks.net/programs/28694/860428.65340/


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